SJTU Minecraft Club

About SJMC
Shanghai Jiao Tong University Minecraft Club, know as SJMC, is a community of Minecraft enthusiasts from SJTU. Our mission is to create an engaging online platform centered around Minecraft and its derivatives. Our ultimate goal is to provide a memorable experience for all users, allowing them to explore the digital campus of Voxel-SJTU. Through our impactful projects, such as Voxel-SJTU and the College Championship of MC, we are constantly striving to establish ourselves as a top-tier university club.

Voxel-SJTU is an online campus restoration project designed and constructed by the SJTU Minecraft club. Using Minecraft, we recreate an online version of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University campus using blocks, opening to players for any time at any location to explore.

SJMC also created many themeed architectures, like Ring Embracing Heaven and Earth and Yuheng Garden.

The Remote Interaction Platform of Voxel-SJTU
Through the server function of Minecraft, players can establish a robust, cloud-based server for seamless collaboration.

  • Sharing: Through the server, numerous players can enter the game anytime and anywhere to participate in construction and restoration work.
  • Security: The server uses the Shanghai Jiao Tong University faculty and student unified network account, JAccount, for verification. Assigning appropriate permissions and conducting regular backups is also crucial to safeguard the project's progress.
  • Stability: The server is supported by the Network Information Center of our university. With the server management plugin, MCServerManager, multiple servers can be managed uniformly. Multiple measures are taken in parallel to provide a dependable working environment for the project.

Virtual Graduation Ceremony
During the Covid-19 pandemic, with the support of the university, SJMC hosteed the virtual graduation ceremony of SJTU in 2022, and prepared an online Minecraft sub-venue for the graduates with the help of Voxel-SJTU server. In the virtual graduation ceremony, students could watch the live broadcast in the virtual venue, participate in the ceremony synchronously with the offline participants, and freely explore the campus scenes in Voxel-SJTU to reminisce about their university life.

Virtual Auditorium for Conference
A virtual auditorium for the 30th IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces (IEEE VR 2023) was constructed by SJMC. Authors from different countries and regions explored SJTU virtual campus and exchange their academic progress. Two hundred posters and thirty videos were displayed in the virtual auditorium in SJTU Old Library of Voxel-SJTU. SJMC also promoted SJTU and the club in the offline venue, and displayed the themed video at the opening of the banquet.

College Championship of MC
The College Championship of Minecraft (CCMC), organized by the SJMC, has grown in popularity and influence within the Chinese college Minecraft community. The competition tests participants' Minecraft knowledge and skills, such as parkour, building, PVP, etc., as well as their command, coordination, and teamwork abilities. Each project in the competition will fully test the participants' knowledge and skills related to Minecraft, as well as the command, coordination, and teamwork abilities of the four team members.

Extracurricular course: Redstone and digital electronics
The redstone in Minecraft has a significant connection with digital and analog electronic technology. SJMC offers a series of extracurricular courses aimed at deepening students' understanding of digital electronic technology, using redstone technology as a starting point. By comparing redstone technology with digital electronic technology, these courses aim to spark students' interest in digital electronics.

Research paper
Three members from SJMC have published articles titled Virtual Campus: Exploration and Practice of Voxel-SJTU and Virtual Campus + Metaverse: Build the New Form of Campus based on their experience in club management and Voxel-SJTU project development. These articles, published in China Education Network, discusses online teaching and metaverse technology in relation to SJMC and the Voxel-SJTU project.

College and Department Support
Since its establishment, multiple colleges and departments of the university have provided SJMC with resources such as venues, funding, and equipment. In return, SJMC has supported the promotion work of various colleges through projects such as online maps and Voxel-SJTU. SJMC has established connection with School of Electronic, Information and Electrical Engineering, UM-SJTU Joint Institute, Network Information Center, Campus Management Office, Admission Office, Publicity Office, Youth League Committee, etc.

Friendly Universities
Through communication channels like Minecraft University Alliance, SJMC has fostered friendly relationships with Minecraft clubs and organizations from numerous partner universities, engaging in activities such as gift exchanges, competition participation, and offline gatherings.

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